Reflexotherapy is a science based on practice, a technique of treatment consisting of instep, palm and head massage on areas corresponding to each organ. It is associated to the alternative medicine and is originary from Egyptian and Chinese antiquity; it is as ancient as acupuncture and presspuncture.
  Reflexotherapy removes toxins collected along the years, stimulating all functions of human body. The huge advantage of this therapy is that it can treat diseases already traced out as well as disorders not yet discovered and also liabilities to different diseases, eliminating the producing causes.

  Reflexotherapy, sometimes associated with a general therapeutical massage, requires a certain life style and diet. This way, the body reaches a balance and the harmful action of metabolic residues is considerably diminished. A body balance can be reached by massaging the reflex points of the instep corresponding to nervous, cardiovascular, endocrin and lymphatic systems, sensorial or internal organs that build the human body.
  In order to achieve a visible, long effect of the reflexotherapy, pacients who go for this way of treatment have to adopt a balanced life style and to avoid all kind of excesses like tobacco, alcohol, coffee, fat food, stress, disorderly sexual life. During treatment, pacients also have to keep following the medication given by their family doctor. After reflexotherapeutical treatment different medical tests will evidence a change of parameters. This is when the doctor decides whether to change the medication or to stop it.

  The duration of the treatment depends on each person's response. Twelve meetings are enough for incipient diseases, while for chronic diseases treatment can take up to 20-25 sessions, depending on pacient's age and how old the disease is. The required time for a meeting may vary from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the disease. In special cases, a meeting can last 60 minutes. When all meetings are over, pacients have to follow maintenance meetings once a week or even once every two months.
  Very good results can be achieved against stress, headaches, sleeplessness, sexual impotency, liver and biliary diseases, diabetes, - endocrine disorders, prostatitis, constipation, period control, menopause disorders, osteoporosis, fatness, rheumatism, disorders of digestive, circulatory , genital, urinary systems, ocular and vertebral column disorders (sciatica, spondylosis, neck disorders etc).

 Reflexotherapy has counter-indications, therefore it can only be practiced by qualified personnel with medical knowledge.
  The main purpose of reflexotherapy is to remove toxins from nervous endings, to regain strength of blood circulation in poor areas, treating existing diseases, tracing others not yet discovered, together with the elimination of the producing causes.

  Everyone between 1-85 years old can benefit by reflexotherapy treatment. Besides reflexotherapy and therapeutical massage, pacients can take combinations of treatment such as:
  • reflexotherapy - therapeutical massage
  • phytotherapeutical treatment -melotherapy
  • chromotherapy - aromatherapy
    The capacity of medical rooms from Colentina Hospital and Theodor Pallady Blvd is of 60- 70 pacients per day. The personnel that serves these medical rooms is high qualified and collaborates with well experienced medical specialists