Why Reflexotherapy
  Counter-indications in reflexogen treatment

Absolute counter indications   When pacient has suffered phlebitis or thrombophlebitis
  Acute vein and lymphatic systems inflamation. In this case, there is a risk of some dot elimination which can cause embolism or the spreading of the infection through lymphatic system.
  In case of strange materials near vital organs or systems (e.g. sharp bony fragments arround the neck or aorta)
  Organ transplant

Relative counter indications

  Pacients with leg Sudeck atrophy cannot be treated at the affected leg because a massive blood irrigation can cause tissue problems.
  Leg gangrene
  pacients suffering from diabetes or a late symptom of a chilblain or other severe blood circulation disorders
  Leg spred eczema or general mycosis (Athlete disease). It is a contagious situation and so the mycosis area must not be treated because skin could get more irritable.
  Acute rheumatic diseases which affect the leg. In this case, easy, careful movements will be made.

Relative additional counter indications

  Infections and high temperature diseases
  Psychosis and schizophrenia
    Anyone can enjoy the treatment, even without doctor's recommendation. In phase 1, a reflexogen diagnose is made together with a treatment record and a treatment scheme. During treatment, the pacient is kept posted with his evolution and all changes occurred are being registered.

  Secondary effects of reflexotherapy
    Secondary effects may occur, such as: increased tiredness, fever, perspiration, sickness, change of urine smell and colour , diarrhoea, milkleg dilatation. Some of these are a consequence of toxin elimination and there is no reason to worry.

  Why reflexotherapy?
  Reflexotherapy can be used as independent or additional treatment for many acute or chronic diseases;
  It is a manual method and therefore each pacient can receive an individual approach;
  It is compatible with most medical and therapeutical methods;
  Economical in application, it takes action over the basic. cause without eliminating the symptoms;
  The results are persuasive and the effects are spontaneously noticed during treatment.

    We give you below just a few cases with most spectacular results obtained through reflexotherapeutical treatment:



Pelada 1

Psoriazis 1

Pelade 2

Psoriazis 2

Pelade 3

Psoriazis 3